TRACE Working Group - Overview

The Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) is the FINRA-developed vehicle that facilitates the mandatory reporting of over-the-counter secondary market transactions in eligible fixed income securities.

All broker-dealers who are FINRA member firms have an obligation to report transactions in corporate bonds to TRACE under an SEC-approved set of rules.


Susan Crozier, FIS
Michael Khin
Graf Douglas, Jane Street

Technical Notices

Keep track of service alerts, changes to documentation and system upgrades.

Technical Documentation

Download user guides and API specifications for the various TRACE reporting systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions regarding TRACE.


FINRA Rule 7730 explains the charges required for using TRACE.

TRACE Data & Licensing

Download data tables, independent research and the TRACE Fact Book.

Report Cards

TRACE report cards help firms monitor their reporting obligations.

TRACE Legal Agreements and Forms

Download the FINRA Participation Agreement (FPA), release forms, and other legal agreements pertaining to TRACE.

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