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FIF Comments on Reg Notice 19-25

FIF Comments on Reg Notice 19-25

FIF submits a comment letter to FINRA on behalf of the FIF TRACE Working Group.

SEC Grants Extension Request for 606

SEC Grants Extension Request for 606

The SEC grants FIF/STA request for an extension of Rule 606(a) and 606(b) compliance dates.

December Market Data Capacity Statistics

December Market Data Capacity Statistics

Industry Solutions Page

Industry Solutions Page

Contact us at to provide us with updates, services and products you wish to have displayed on your page. See it here: 

Retail Execution Quality Statistics

The FIF Rule 605/606 Working Group has been working on improving access to execution quality statistics for the retail community.

To participate in this initiative or for additional information, please contact the FIF Program Office

Retail Broker Dealers

See Template for Retail Broker Dealers

Wholesale Market Makers

See Template for Wholesale Market Makers

Top Initiatives

FIF maintains an initiative tracking list including key milestones and status on over 30 of the most relevant and important initiatives in the industry.

Comment Letters

FIF prepares comment letters and discussion documents based on member input that contribute to changes in implementation time frames and methodology. These letters are available to the general public.

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