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FIF is an industry trade group comprised of over 100 broker-dealers, exchanges, and financial technology vendors.  Established in 1996, FIF seeks to address and resolve open implementation issues that impact the securities industry across the order lifecycle.  FIF working groups provide our members with a collaborative environment to discuss critical issues amongst a broad range of subject matter experts.  The open communication and sharing of industry best practices fostered by FIF helps our members gain a better understanding of the implementation impact of new initiatives and assists in their development of cost-effective solutions.   FIF frequently informs the regulators of the implementation impact of new initiatives and offers alternative solutions through formal comment letters and in-person meetings.

FIF Member Services

FIF serves as a go-to resource for objective commentary and analysis on industry initiatives

With implementation tracking documents and relevant links portals, FIF offers members the opportunity to access a consolidated repository of knowledge. Additionally, FIF acts as an intermediary between its members and regulators by asking regulators questions on behalf of members. 

FIF engages and informs regulators about the implementation impact of proposed regulation and other market structure changes

Through formal comment letters and meetings with regulators, FIF is committed to assisting the industry in efficiently and effectively implementing new rules.

FIF fosters a community of professionals with the knowledge and ability to collaborate effectively

FIF's membership consists of over 100 firms with more than 5,500 individuals participating in FIF activities. Our community includes decision makers at broker-dealers, exchanges and vendors all seeking an industry perspective on implementation issues.

FIF is recognized as the premier cross-participant industry forum with equal contributions from broker dealers, exchanges and vendors

With firms of all types as full members, we are a neutral voice focused on implementation.

FIF provides a forum to address open issues relating to the implementation of industry initiatives

Through regular meetings and quarterly events, the FIF community comes together to identify and resolve open implementation issues on initiatives affecting the securities industry — regulatory, exchange or utility-driven.

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