FIF Submits Comment Letter to the SEC on the FINRA and MSRB Rule Filings to Reduce the Reporting Timeframe for Corporate, Agency and Muni Bonds to One Minute

On February 15 FIF submitted a comment letter to the SEC on (i) the January 11 rule filing by FINRA to reduce to one minute the TRACE reporting timeframe for securities that are currently subject to a fifteen-minute reporting timeframe and (ii) the parallel rule filing by the MSRB on January 12. FIF would like to thank the members of the FIF TRACE / Fixed Income Working Group for their participation in the drafting of this comment letter.

POSTED Feb 20,2024

Two Additional CAT Transaction Reporting Calls for this Week

FIF has scheduled two additional calls for the CAT Transaction Reporting Working Group for this week. On Tuesday February 20 at 1 pm ET, the Working Group will continue its discussion of CAT billing and reconciliation. On Thursday February 22 at 2 pm ET, the Working Group will discuss linkage of representative to customer orders and linkage of order fulfillments to representative and principal orders. The Tuesday and Thursday calls are in addition to the regularly-scheduled CAT Transaction Reporting Working Group call on Wednesday February 21 at 2 pm ET.

POSTED Feb 20,2024

Reporting of Securities Loans

FIF has scheduled a call for the FIF Securities Lending Transparency Working Group for Tuesday February 20 at 3 pm ET. During the call, an FIF member will provide an update on its discussions with FINRA relating to implementation of the new securities lending reporting system mandated by the SEC. 

POSTED Feb 20,2024

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