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FINRA CAT Publishes Updated CAT Technical Specifications

On Friday, August 30, FINRA CAT and the SROs published an updated Industry Member CAT Technical Specification and an updated CAT Scenarios Document.  FIF will review the recent changes during the the Tuesday, September 3rd FIF CAT Tech Spec Requirements Working Group meeting.

Posted Sep 03, 2019

Upcoming CAT NMS Industry Webinar

On Wednesday, August 28th @ 4:15pm, CAT NMS will hold an industry-wide webinar on the security of CAT data. Please find dial-in information here.

Posted Aug 26, 2019

FIF CAT Working Group – Change in Structure

Given the volume of current and anticipated CAT-related workstreams, FIF is slightly changing the structure of the CAT Working Group.  Going forward, the CAT Working Group will be managed as a Committee.  Separate workstreams (i.e. FDID, CAT Operations) will be run through the CAT Committee, allowing all members of the CAT Working Group access to meeting invites/work product of each separate workstream.  The CAT Tech Spec Working Group will remain unchanged, and fall under the Committee’s umbrella.  As needed, FIF will form separate subgroups to address specific topics (i.e. Paired Options Orders, Complex Options).  The intent of this revised structure is to lessen the burden on our members to sign up for the separate subgroups, and to provide better access to all relevant CAT-related information.  If you have any questions, please send an email to

Posted Aug 26, 2019

FIF Front Office Committee Meeting - New Time

FIF will be holding its Front Office Committee meeting at a new time tomorrow at 11am ET (rather than the normal 4pm ET meeting time).  Our spotlight topic for this call will focus on the SEC Rule 606 FAQs.  Please update your profile here to subscribe to the Front Office calls and email the program office at if you have any questions.

Posted Aug 26, 2019

FINRA CAT Publishes CAT Connectivity Guide

On Friday, August 16th, FINRA CAT released the Connectivity Supplement for Industry Members which provides industry members with direction regarding CAT connectivity options and onboarding requirements. FIF will review this guidance in detail during FIFs next CAT Tech Spec Working Group call, today at 2pm ET. If you would like to join this call, and don't have it on your calendar, please email the program office at 

Posted Aug 19, 2019